Workshop Program
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Workshop Program


Steering Committee Structure and Organization

Workshop Co-Chairs: Dolores del Campo Maldonado (CIPM/BIPM) and Anthony Rea (WMO)

Steering Committee Co-Chairs: Robert Wielgosz (BIPM) and Bruce Forgan (WMO)

Workshop Theme Co-Chairs: Emma Woolliams (NPL), Janice Fulford (WMO), Fabio Madonna (CNR, representing GCOS), James R. Whetstone (NIST), Phil DeCola and Alex Vermeulen (WMO)

Workshop Coordinators: Edgar Flores (BIPM) and Isabelle Ruedi (WMO)

Topic Chairs and Rapporteurs for Theme 1

Topic code and name Position Name and title
T1-A — Atmospheric chemistry and physics Chair Dr. Betsy Weatherhead
Rapporteur Dr. Sangil Lee
T1-B — Oceans and hydrology Chair Janice M Fulford
Chair Paola Fisicaro
Chair Chris Merchant
Rapporteur Dr. Michael R. Winchester
T1-C — Earth Energy Balance Chair Dr. Greg Kopp
Rapporteur Dr. Julian Gröbner
T1-D — Biosphere monitoring Chair Dr. Nadine Gobron
Rapporteur Dr. Bernardo Mota
T1-E — Cryosphere Monitoring Chair Dr. Stefan Kern
Rapporteur Dr. Carmen Garcia Izquierdo

Topic Chairs and Rapporteurs for Theme 2

Topic code and name Position Name and title
T2-A — Accuracy requirements for atmospheric composition measurements across economic sectors, and temporal and spatial scales Chair Dr. Jennifer Carney
Rapporteur Dr. Dave R. Worton
T2-B — State of play in integrated approaches for advanced GHG emission estimates and the way forward to operational services Chair Dr. Fouzi Benkhelifa
Chair Dr. Thomas Lauvaux
T2-C — Novel GHG concentration and flux methods and sensors Chair Dr. Felix Vogel
Rapporteur Dr. Hong Lin
T2-D — Strengthening the linkage of remote sensing GHG concentration measurements to emission fluxes Chair Dr. Eric Kort
Rapporteur Dr. Eric Shirley


Any questions about the workshop can be directed to Workshop Coordinators, at the email address climate